Compassion: What It Is and What It Isn’t (Part 2) | Tiara Thomas

My Healing Village

29-09-2022 • 35 minutos

Being in an abusive relationship takes a massive toll on a person, often times it leaves them with nothing but trauma, and recovering takes a lot of time and effort especially when the wound is deep and can’t be patched up quickly. There are ways how to slowly get up and heal from the trauma, one is self-compassion. But how will self-compassion make you a better version of yourself and how this change will affect the people around you?

Detach yourself from the toxic environment you’re in, It’s never too late to let go even when you’ve kept on coming back to the same scenario over and over again.

As we conclude this two-part mini-series, let's dive deeper and talk about self-compassion as well as having a deeper understanding of setting boundaries and how can this help you let go of the past traumas with our guest speaker, Tiara Thomas, who is a survivor and also a coach for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery.

Healing Points of This Episode:

  • Abuse does not happen only to women, but also to men.
  • Self-awareness is self-compassion.
  • In order to have boundaries, you have to get to know yourself.

Words of Healing

  • Sometimes the most compassionate thing that you can do for someone is to allow them to feel the full extent of the consequences of their actions - Tiara Thomas
  • What is best for you is always what is best for the people around you - Tiara Thomas
  • We still need boundaries for ourselves and for others, because without those containers, then nothing changes, nothing progresses - Tiara Thomas
  • You can't love someone else until you learn how to love yourself and you can't give true compassion to others until you learn how to truly give yourself compassion - Regina Marie

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