Survivor Stories (Part 2) | Alec and Jess

My Healing Village

20-10-2022 • 54 minutos

Trigger Warning: Please note that this episode includes references to and actual experiences of different types of abuse.

In celebration of World Mental Health Day, we are honored to meet several people who emerged victorious after conquering and surviving domestic abuse.

Jess, an advocate of protecting women against domestic violence and abuse, did not realize how strong she was after becoming a mother at a young age and ending her 12-year relationship with abusive and narcissistic partners. She went on with high hopes believing that these men would stand out to be responsible and loving fathers to her children yet both failed her, leaving the obligation to raise her kids while dealing with the effects of long-term abuse.

Alec, a loving husband who has been patient and loyal to his abusive wife shows us what it looks like to be on the other side of the common marital abuse cases. His self-worth and the capacity to show his strength were always hindered by his wife’s derogatory remarks and continuous actions of making him feel inferior and hopeless throughout their relationship.

Both experiences taught us about empowerment and self-love for they eventually discovered who they really are as overcomers of this prevalent problem - domestic abuse.

Join them as they shed light on how they were able to discover their true self and how all those experiences turned out to be their life's greatest blessings.

Words of Healing

  • After I left I genuinely had a good laugh and really felt the joy of whatever I was experiencing at the time. - Jess
  • I am definitely happy where I'm at. I fought and I am still fighting. - Jess
  • I’m here to let other women know that you don't deserve to be abused. - Jess
  • It takes a village to raise a baby, as it also takes a village to heal. - Regina
  • I always confronted my husband and now I look back, I didn't know what gaslighting was. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that he was really trying to sell a lie. - Jess
  • I didn't wanna fall in love because when I fell, I fell hard. - Jess
  • I wanted to grow with someone. I don't want to madly fall in love with sight because that always dies. - Jess
  • I am loved the way that I have longed for. - Jess
  • To find comfort in knowing that there's an end to abuse just makes it a lot easier to let things just roll off instead of holding them in. - Alec
  • I think it was wearing away my kind self-worth every time I make a little mistake, for her, it would be a huge thing. - Alec

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