Marcus "Da Fingaz" Manderson - Composer And Producer Of Hip Hop, Pop, R&B For Disney Theme Parks, MTV, National Geographic And The Smithsonian!

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03-04-2024 • 29 minutos

Marcus “Da Fingaz” Manderson is a composer and producer of hip hop, pop, R&B and other genres. He has composed music for Disney’s theme parks. He’s had placements on Starz, MTV,  BET and other networks. And he’s composed music for museum exhibits for National Geographic and The Smithsonian.

My featured song is “Cousins” from the album Trippin’ by my band Project Grand Slam. Spotify link.


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“THE RICH ONES”. Robert’s new single. With guest artist Randy Brecker (Blood Sweat & Tears) on flugelhorn. Crossover instrumental.

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“MILES BEHIND”, Robert’s first album, was recorded in 1994 but was “lost” for the last 30 years. It’s now been released for streaming. Featuring Randy Brecker (Blood Sweat & Tears), Anton Fig (The David Letterman Show), Al Foster (Miles Davis), Tim Ries (The Rolling Stones), Jon Lucien and many more.

Called “Hip, Tight and Edgy!”

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“IT’S ALIVE!” is Robert’s latest Project Grand Slam album. Featuring 13 of the band’s Greatest Hits performed “live” at festivals in Pennsylvania and Serbia.


"An instant classic!" (Melody Maker)

"Amazing record...Another win for the one and only Robert Miller!" (Hollywood Digest)

"Close to perfect!" (Pop Icon)

"A Masterpiece!" (Big Celebrity Buzz)

"Sterling effort!" (Indie Pulse)

"Another fusion wonder for Project Grand Slam!" (MobYorkCity)

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