Lindsay Hollister: Cold Case (”The Promise” - Episode Discussion)

Hollywood and Beyond

10-10-2021 • 57 minutos

Welcome to a very special episode of Hollywood and Beyond with Steven Brittingham Podcast

Lindsay Hollister: Cold Case (Episode Discussion - "The Promise")

Selected Clips appear courtesy of 'Cold Case' (Now available to watch on HBOMax)

I am extra proud of this truly in-depth interview experience! ‘Cold Case’ arrives to the podcast with special guest actress Lindsay Hollister. Back in 2005 my guest appeared on the episode ‘The Promise’ as the victim of extreme bullying and humiliation at a fraternity party, with the focus being her weight.

Lindsay gave a touching performance on this highly rated episode of the CBS favorite. Go behind-the-scenes of the episode with Lindsay Hollister as we also discuss the cruelty of bullying. We also discuss her talented co-stars as well. Not to be missed!   Episode Produced/Edited/Hosted by actor and writer Steven Brittingham   Contact Steven: hollywoodandbeyondshow@gmail.com Thank you for listening!