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Jasper Cole Reflects On Hollywood Career
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Jasper Cole Reflects On Hollywood CareerJacqi Vene - The Surprise VisitSerah Henesey - The Surprise VisitRobert F. Lyons - Getting Straight (1970) / The Making of the Film
Welcome to Hollywood and Beyond Podcast with Cincinnati Host actor and writer Steven Brittingham. The first episode of 2022! Robert F. Lyons - Getting Straight (1970) / The Making of the Film Created/Produced/Edited/Hosted by actor and writer Steven Brittingham Email/Host Introduction/Ending Promo by: Carrie Mitchum  Clips appear courtesy of Columbia Pictures and Columbia Pictures Soundtrack/ and Getting Straight Actor Robert F. Lyons returns to Hollywood and Beyond Podcast to share memories of appearing in Getting Straight (1970).   Directed by Richard Rush, starring Elliott Gould, Candice Bergen, and a truly impressive list of actors from Classic Hollywood. A film that was a true sign of the times featuring an absolutely phenomenal performance by Elliott Gould. Portraying a Vietnam vet who returns back to college to pursue his teaching credentials and who gets caught up with student protesters, must make a crucial decision regarding his future.   Robert will share his memories of working with Elliott as his best friend in the film. His recollection of the amazing supporting cast including Julia Anne Robinson, as well as the style that director Richard Rush took. A film that deserves to be remembered!     Contact Steven: hollywoodandbeyondshow@gmail.com   Please consider leaving a RATING/REVIEW. Your support is appreciated!   Show News: Please visit the all new official website for the podcast!  https://www.hollywoodbeyond.net/   You can leave Host Steven Brittingham a Voicemail on the website!   I hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of Hollywood and Beyond. Your home for "Meaningful Interviews". See you on the next episode soon!
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A Hollywood and Beyond Special Presentation:   Martha Bolton is here to share in detail the incredible true story of Bob Hope and the troops during WW II. A meaningful, in-depth and informative interview experience on Hollywood and Beyond Podcast. Includes Bonus Clips of Bob Hope addressing the troops - "Somewhere In The South Pacific" (1943) and also from Bob Hope "War Is Over /Peace Is Wonderful".   Special guest Emmy nominated writer Martha Bolton visits the podcast. Her new book chronicles the true story of Hollywood legend Bob Hope and his astonishing efforts to bring comfort and a piece of home to the troops during the devastating days of WW II. Just how far did Bob go with his compassion for the troops? Find out when Martha shares the true story with you. Learn more about Bob Hope's compassion towards those serving in WW II. In addition, learn what made Bob Hope a true icon and one of Hollywood's finest actors.   Martha Bolton was the first female staff writer for Bob Hope. She wrote this book along with Bob’s daughter Linda Hope. Photos appear courtesy of Martha Bolton (Interview has been completed. Anticipated Availability is officially Sunday, April 18th   Hollywood and Beyond Podcast Created and Hosted by actor and writer Steven Brittingham   Welcome Greeting by Carrie Mitchum   SUBSCRIBE today wherever podcasts are available to listen to all the latest episodes offering “Meaningful Interviews”   Contact Steven: hollywoodandbeyondshow@gmail.com   See you again soon friends and listeners!
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Terry Moore Interview: Memories of Classic Hollywood
Terry Moore Interview: Memories of Classic Hollywood Special Appearance by Isabella Blake-Thomas Hollywood and Beyond with Steven Brittingham Podcast   Created and Hosted by actor and writer Steven Brittingham   Welcome Greeting by Carrie Mitchum   Terry Moore shares Hollywood memories and stories! Nominated for an Academy Award - Best Supporting Actress in 1953 for her performance in ‘Come Back, Little Sheba’.   This episode will be appealing to those who cherish Classic Hollywood. Isabella Blake-Thomas on a special episode of Hollywood and Beyond Podcast!   This episode has a twist and a rather unique scenario behind it. The opportunity to interview 92 year old actress Terry Moore really excited me, especially when you consider she is from Classic Hollywood and has worked literally with numerous cinema icons. However, the twist is that Terry is more comfortable with interviews conducted in person these days, not over the phone. Terry is back in Los Angeles, while I am here in Cincinnati. I refused to throw in the towel!   British actress Isabella Blake-Thomas saved the day by offering to take my questions to Terry and record the interview on my behalf. While these are my questions and comments, without Isabella this could not have been accomplished. The result is an episode that will feature an introduction by me setting everything up, followed by an absolutely delightful, intriguing conversation between Isabella and Terry. Not to mention super enjoyable.   Catch a special appearance by Isabella Blake-Thomas on this episode highlighting Terry Moore!!     “Meaningful Interviews”   Contact Steven: hollywoodandbeyondshow@gmail.com   Thanks for listening friends and listeners! See you again soon.
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