Ep31 The Starting Line, Team podcast after the very first 25-hour fundraising event. 2023

Far Keen Real

28-01-2024 • 37 minutos

Back in August 2023, I podcasted Steve, Jake, and Graydon, (episode 19) discussing their achievements with the ultramarathon they all ran a week before the podcast. Great podcast and a Great bunch of lads doing Great stuff in Perth. Just Great! Throughout this podcast we all mentioned the words "the starting line" and the meaning of what it means when achieving things in this life. through the podcast I mentioned that we need to start a Charity called The Starting Line, a place where people can come get all the support to transform their lives, for the better. So that is what we did, and 3 months later we achieved our first successful event. raising enough money to put The Starting Line into an NFP Charity. It's amazing to see when you put your mind to something that you can make it happen. Please follow the starting line and show your support. the ball has 100% started rolling, and I'm committed to changing lives to support Families and our communities In this podcast, each one of us shared the battles we faced leading into this event and through the 25-hour event. The empowerment we received by stepping through the door of the unknown, The friendships we have for life, and the rewards on that are received on the other side are all shared on this podcast. As a team we proved that the unknown was archivable. I want to thank every Team member who ran the first event, all the sponsors, the donations and all the support we got from the community. without you guys, great things like this can not be achieved. together we will change lives. Follow and support the mission. https://thestartingline.co/