August 17, 2021 Tuesday Hour 2

The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show

17-08-2021 • 59 minutos

Breakfast for dinner tonight!  Chaffles with sausage and bacon.  Why not?  For me, chocolate with chocolate chips.  Lori and Cathy will probably just want plain ones.  The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show & Podcast...listen, like, comment, download, share, repeat daily on Listen Notes, Google Podcast Manager, Mixcloud, Player FM, Stitcher, Tune In, Podcast Addict, Cast Box, Radio Public, and Pocket Cast, and APPLE iTunes! AND MORNINGS IN CANADA!  Hamilton Co-Op Radio! Follow the show on TWITTER JimPrell@TMusicAuthority! Are you listening? How does and can one listen in? Let me list the ways...
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Podcast - The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show & Podcast!  Radio Candy Radio Monday Wednesday, & Friday 7PM ET, 4PM PT, Rockin’ The KOR Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7PM UK time, 2PM ET, 11AM PT Also, Pop Radio UK Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 6PM UK, 1PM ET, 10AM PT!  August 17, 2021, Tuesday, verse two…

The Thigh Scrapers - Lil Hooker

The Real Minx - 5. In and Out [The Real Minx Complete Recordings August 1996-2021]

Psychotic Youth - 10 - Mumble [New Wonders 1996-2021] (

@The Harmony Motel - 01 - The Plan [Topical Depression]

The Jacklights - 01 Beach [Drift – EP] (Red on Red Records)

Paul Alexander Low - 04 - Shine [Better Life]

@The Nervous Eaters - Voluntary Solitary [Record 10]

WOVES - 09_Nova [Chaos Mesa]

Geoff Carne & The Raw Rox Band - Some People [Shakedown]

@Langan, Frost & Wane - Libra Moon [Langan, Frost & Wane] (Goldstar Recordings)

Lannie Flowers - 05 Free To Dream [Home] (Big Stir Records) (SpyderPop Records)

The Reign (Feat. Joe Caravella) - Lovers Reign [Storm]

@Killed By The Architects - So I Can Leave [Killed By The Architects]

Richard Turgeon - Goodbye to Summer [Campfire Songs - EP]

Danny Wilkerson - 07 How She Lost My Heart [Wilkerson] (Big Stir Records) (SpyderPop Records)

Geoff Palmer - 07 Jammed Up [Charts & Graphs] (