March 29, 2023 Wednesday Hour 3

The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show

29-03-2023 • 1 hora

Tomorrow, Thursday…I told you it would come back once in a while!  The return of “100% Random OLDIES Selection!!”  Just for tomorrow, though!  I just feel the time is right!  The Music Authority Podcast...listen, like, comment, download, share, repeat…heard daily on Podchaser, Deezer, Amazon Music, Audible, Listen Notes, Google Podcast Manager, Mixcloud, Player FM, Stitcher, Tune In, Podcast Addict, Cast Box, Radio Public, and Pocket Cast, and APPLE iTunes!  Follow the show on TWITTER JimPrell@TMusicAuthority!  Please, are you listening? Please, are you sharing the podcast?  Please, has a podcast mention been placed into your social media?  How does and can one listen in? Let me list the ways...*Podcast - The Music Authority Podcast!  Special Recorded Network Shows, too!  Different than my daily show!

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The Explorers Club - 2. She'd Rather Be With Me [To Sing And Be Born Again] (Goldstar Recordings)

Jim Basnight And The Moberlys - Blow Your Life Away [Sexteen] (@Precedent Records)

The Downhauls - Hazy Shade Of Winter

The Bayonets - 01 Argentina (Wicked Cool Records)

Librarians With Hickeys TMA Drop

Librarians With Hickeys - 01 Can't Wait 'Till Summer (Big Stir Records)

The Zombies - Time of the Season [Argent 1968]

The Airport 77s - 01 Christine's Coming Over [Rotation]

Dave Crimmen - Come On

Paul Melancon - 04 It Was Something [Slumberland]

The Sneetches - 01 Love Comes My Way

Ian M Bailey - 08 - What's Happening Now [Songs To Dream Along To] (

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