SCFB 241: John Coltrane's "Both Directions at Once" Album Review (VAULT)

The Jazz, Blues, and R and B Podcast and Radio Show PERIOD (Previously SOMTHING came from Baltimore)

20-08-2021 • 1 hora 11 minutos


"Both Directions at Once - The Lost Album" was released to the public June 2018.  The album was recorded in 1963 and was found, cleaned up, and released to the public.    Wow.  So, the question is..."Why Is It's Good?"

We are so happy to have a brand new recording from John Coltrane that we are willing to take anything....or is a great recording?    Tonight, on "Something...came from Baltimore" we are speaking to sax man Gregory Thompkins, and we review each track and get to listen to most of the album.

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