Ep 40: Planning Your Perfect Visit to Wine Country

Everyday Wine with Kris Levy

01-06-2022 • 32 minutos

Adrian Tamblin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wine Routes, a Sonoma County-based company focused on delivering highly integrated modern solutions for the wine industry. In this role, he is committed to bringing technology, engagement, discovery, and wine lovers together. His insatiable love of wine, travel, and adventure, coupled with his entrepreneurial background lead him to assemble a team of developers and content producers to help wineries better connect with consumers.

Prior to committing full time to Wine Routes, Adrian spent 10 years as Director of Operations and Partner at Directoryofschools.com, a leading online portal that matched students with education programs suiting their interests at over 1,600 universities throughout the United States. His innate understanding of matching students with schools helped him conceptualize Wine Routes’ core service – helping users curate personalized experiences based on a winery’s wines, reviews and amenities.

[00:01 - 05:00] Opening Segment

  • Adrian brings technology, engagement, discovery and wine lovers together
  • Adrian introduces his company, Wine Routes
  • Wine Routes: A Database for Consumers and Wineries

[05:01 - 16:34] Wine Road: A Directory of Sonoma County's Direct Consumer Producers

  • Bridging the gap between consumers and wineries
  • How cyclists discover the different wineries in Sonoma
  • Standardizing Winery Websites
  • Experience wine tours via appointment
  • Google Analytics for Wineries: Insightful tools to increase traffic
  • Wine industry gets a game-changer through QR codes

[16:35 - 28:10] Planning Your Perfect Visit to Wine Country

  • A dynamic website that allows you to sell wine without being present at an event
  • How to Plan the Perfect Wine Trip
  • Why wineries are promoting education over tours
  • How Adrian and his team powered through COVID for his business

[28:11 - 32:26] The Tasting Round

  • Learn everything you need to grow your wine, business, or brand with Wine Business Bootcamp where I help other wine producers master the fundamentals of digital marketing, nail their customer experience, and convert more wine tasters into their wine clubs and other offers. Just send me a dm or email at kris@krislevy.com with the subject: Wine Business Bootcamp
  • Favorite go-to wine after a long day
  • Pinot Noir
  • Favorite Go-to Pairing
  • Polenta and Chardonnay
  • Wine and Vineyard Resources
  • The Wine Bible
  • The Barefoot Spirit
  • Cork Dork
  • Odyssey Wine Academy

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"To plan a good itinerary, don't overdo it." - Adrian Tamblin