The Journey to St. Andrews

Elliott Hall

In 1 year, I’m getting the opportunity to play golf at the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland. My goal is to drop my handicap 15 strokes so I can try to break 85 when I’m there. I’ve been a casual golfer off and on for years and love the game. However, I took several years off to start a couple of businesses, including a brewery in GA. I’ve always been a high handicap golfer, so this year is also about just improving my game in general. It wasn’t until very recently I broke 100 for the first time ever. So this podcast is about my journey to learn more, play more, & drop 15 strokes on my game to reach my St. Andrews goal (current Handicap about 27). Don’t know exactly where this will go but expect a lot about golf and maybe a bit about business & life. Because golf is a lot like both… you can always improve, you can take risks, and it always helps to get some lucky breaks! Beyond excited to play where Bobby Jones won the Open Championship nearly 100 years ago and to share The Journey with y’all. read less