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Everybody In

The Wayfaring Band, Inc.

Mackenzie Beauvais-Nikl, the co-host of "Everybody In," experiences autism. But this podcast isn't really about that, exactly. This podcast is about conversations and connections. It's about how we are the same, and how we're different. For each episode, Mackenzie and her co-host Andrea Moore interview a different guest. Some of their guests experience intellectual and developmental disabilities, also known as I/DD, and some don't. They talk about friendship, family, adulthood, and -- when it comes up -- disability. The podcast is called "Everybody In" because they are so interested in... EVERYBODY.

The format of each episode alternates depending on who leads the interview. Mackenzie interviews guests who identify as neurotypical, meaning that they don't have a diagnosed intellectual or developmental disability. Mackenzie asks her guest the same two questions each time, and then her guest gets to surprise her with two questions of their own. Together they go back-and-forth, getting to know each other better.

Andrea interviews guests with disabilities. Her guests might experience Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, fragile X, or other developmental or genetic differences. Andrea asks them a series of questions about friendship, disability, housing, transportation, love and romance, and their special gifts. At the end of the interview, the guest has an opportunity to ask Andrea or Mackenzie any questions in return.

In every episode, Mackenzie and Andrea work together to bridge any gaps, ask follow-up questions, and keep the party rolling!

Transcriptions available. Email

“Everybody In" is conceived and produced by The Wayfaring Band, a Denver-based 501(c)3 nonprofit. The Wayfaring Band is not a rock-and-roll band, but a band of travelers. They create opportunities for people to increase their leadership and life skills through travel, serving adults with and without disabilities.

Sound engineering: Carin Huebner

Original music: The Dosage

Season 1 co-hosts: Faith Vidrine and Andrea Moore

Season 2 co-hosts: Mackenzie Beauvais-Nikl and Andrea Moore

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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