Episode 25 - Kate Bush - The Dreaming

The Hear:30 Podcast

06-08-2021 • 1 hora 41 minutos

Come.  Let the weirdness in with us.   Love life with us.  Pull the pin!  This week JJ& J listened to the album The Dreaming by Kate Bush.  Kate explores tribal percussion, the Fairlight Synthesizer and David Gilmore to interesting effect.   But do we like it?   Listen and find out this week on Hear:30

The Hear:30 podcast is a weekly Podcast hosted by music lovers, Joe Kylman, Josh Adams and John Adams.   We are 3 middle age dudes from the midwest who want to listen to music that we have never heard before...that we should have. A completely random album is chosen from a master list and we talk about it...love it or hate it.

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