Being Present as a Mom Part 1

The Positively Healthy Mom

06-03-2024 • 34 minutos

In our twenty-first episode, "Being Present as a Mom Part 1," The Positively Healthy Mom Podcast is delighted to welcome Emily Celine Surdyke-Lopez, a Certified Neuroencoding Specialist, Life Coach, Healing Guide, Consultant, and Mom of 4. Emily brings her expertise in igniting presence and re-training the mind to bring balance to the body while aligning with the soul.

With 13 years of experience in various fields including customer service centers, business management, and marketing, combined with 5 years of top-tier self-development training, Emily offers invaluable insights and practices to help moms prioritize presence in their daily lives.

Join us for an enriching discussion with Emily as she shares life-changing tools and practices to enhance your presence and connection with your family. 🌺💫

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