Healing Emotional Baggage for the Benefit of Your Kids

The Positively Healthy Mom

28-02-2024 • 41 minutos

In our twentieth episode, "Healing Emotional Baggage for the Benefit of Your Kids," The Positively Healthy Mom Podcast warmly welcomes back Myron Miller, an esteemed professional with over 30 years of expertise in architectural design, construction, and real estate development.

Transitioning his focus to coaching and training, Myron is passionate about guiding young adults to overcome stress and overwhelm, empowering them to achieve their goals faster. As a dual elite certified Neurencoding performance coach and speaker, Myron utilizes neuroscience-backed methods to support his clients in reaching their desired dreams.

Join us for an insightful discussion on healing emotional baggage to create a positive impact on your children's lives, and gain valuable tools for nurturing their well-being. 🌺💼

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