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Laura Ollinger, M.Ed. in Health & Wellness | Teen & Parent Well-Being Coach

Welcome to The Positively Healthy Mom Podcast, created for any mom seeking peace, calm,  confidence, and a healthy lifelong relationship with your kids.


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Laura Ollinger is a Teen & Parent Well-Being Coach with a Master's in Health and Wellness Education.

She holds certifications as an Elite Certified Neuroencoding Specialist, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and a Dr. Amen Brain Health Trainer.

Additionally, she's certified by the HeartMath Institute in Stress, Anxiety, and Emotional Regulation.

As a mom of four kids, two boys, and two girls aged 11-15, and the founder of Positively Healthy Coaching, she's here to support you on your journey.

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Mindset and Skill Set to be a Woman
Hace 4 días
Mindset and Skill Set to be a Woman
In this heartfelt episode of The Positively Healthy Mom Podcast, we are thrilled to welcome January Donovan, a self-worth coach and founder of The Woman School. January shares her transformative journey from struggling with self-worth to becoming an empowered woman dedicated to helping others. She discusses how her own wounds became the compass for her work and contribution, emphasizing the importance of mindset and skill set training for women.January delves into the overwhelming pressures moms face today, explaining that overwhelm often stems from being under-skilled. She highlights the necessity of teaching women practical skills such as mind management, emotional command, and effective time management to navigate the complexities of modern motherhood. Through her personal experiences and professional insights, January illustrates how essential it is for women to reclaim their value and significance beyond societal expectations and pressures.We also explore the profound impact of proper training on a woman's self-image and overall fulfillment. January passionately discusses how societal conditioning and a lack of practical training lead to anxiety, stress, and a pervasive sense of inadequacy among women. By shifting our mindset and embracing continuous personal development, we can overcome these challenges and lead more fulfilled, empowered lives.Join us as January Donovan provides invaluable insights and practical advice on building a strong sense of self-worth and navigating the intricacies of womanhood in today's world. Her wisdom and guidance will inspire you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and empowerment.Tune in now to learn, grow, and transform with us!Positively Healthy CoachingThe Positively Healthy Mom FB Group
The 5 Personality Patterns
The 5 Personality Patterns
In this enriching episode of The Positively Healthy Mom Podcast, we are joined by Amanda Curry, a dedicated personal coach and physical therapist, to explore the fascinating 5 Personality Patterns. Amanda explains Stephen Kessler’s Five Personality Patterns and how they relate to our stress responses, particularly for moms. We dive into the practical aspects of these patterns and how recognizing them can transform our parenting and personal lives. Amanda shares her journey of self-discovery and how understanding her own patterns has positively impacted her coaching and personal life.Learn about the powerful somatic tools Amanda uses to help her clients connect with their bodies and manage stress effectively. She emphasizes the importance of interoception – being aware of the internal state of our bodies – as a foundational step in managing our reactions. Amanda sheds light on creating a sense of safety within ourselves and accepting our stress responses without judgment, leading to profound healing and growth. We also explore how understanding these personality patterns and incorporating somatic tools can enhance not only our parenting but also our romantic relationships and overall connection with loved ones.Join us for a heartfelt conversation that aims to empower you with the knowledge and tools to lead a more positive, healthy, and fulfilling life. Amanda’s insights will help you navigate the complexities of stress and personal growth with grace and compassion. Tune in now to learn, grow, and transform with us!Positively Healthy CoachingThe Positively Healthy Mom Facebook Group