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First on the Scene spotlights the everyday heroes who rush into danger to help their fellow citizens, often sacrificing their own lives to save total strangers.Go "behind-the-badge" with co-hosts Jillian Crane and Jodie Burke as they climb onto fire trucks, ride along in police cruisers, and query firefighters, law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMTs, 911 dispatchers, nurses and medical personnel who dedicate their lives to helping others by doing good. read less
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The Unseen Hero
The Unseen Hero
The First on the Scene premiere episode “The Unseen Hero” features a rare interview with one of the critical, behind-the-scenes helpers from September 11, 2001—Gladys Mitchell, a 911 Dispatcher for the NYPD. As an essential part of the emergency response team, Gladys manned the phones with cool precision, swallowing her own fear and dispatching rescuers to the World Trade Center when it was under attack. Gladys was a first responder to the overwhelming tragedy that struck New York City, and she helped create order out of chaos. She directed police officers and emergency personnel to those most desperately in need, including children who needed to be evacuated from schools. She consoled distraught people trapped in those burning towers, counseled frantic relatives panicked about their missing loved ones, and she helped save many lives.Gladys Mitchell has never told the story of September 11, 2001 as she experienced it. 911 Dispatchers are the first voices you hear when you call for help. Historically overlooked, underpaid and unheralded, the greatest city in the world would not function without them. Their ability to combine military-esque training with empathy and compassion in speaking to callers in every imaginable situation of distress is astounding. Join us in recognizing the brave and harrowing work that 911 Dispatchers do by listening to their contribution to helping others during one of the most tragic days in American history.Commissioner Shea of the NYPD approved the release of the 911 recordings of Gladys Mitchell at work on Sept 11, 2001 for First On The Scene’s exclusive use. 911 recordings from September 11, 2001 have never previously been released due to their sensitive nature.