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A drifting podcast for and by drifters, but the topics are not always drifting. Drift Team Animal Style team member and drifter since 2009 Palmer Sanderson speaks with a wide range of people internationally in the drift community. These people who are either die hard drifters or people loosely related to drifting who are just entertaining. Video episodes are on YouTube! read less


EP.56 Benson and Nadine Hsu West Coast Drifting Legends
EP.56 Benson and Nadine Hsu West Coast Drifting Legends
Benson and Nadine are two west coast drifting legends. They met through Nissan and S Chassis meetups in Southern California in the late 90’s and continued to learn about car style, and drifting together. They went from tuners to professional drifters and parents. Their wedding was covered in Super Street and featured their S13s which is one of the most iconic car wedding shoots in the US. Benson and Nadine were competitors in the first two years of Formula Drift. Benson shipped his caged street S13 with a stock sr20det, including a t25 turbo to run against race cars at the 2004 season of FD. Nadine drove her s13 in FD as well and is one of the first professional female drifters in the US. They’ve both been featured in a few top tier magazines when car mags were the pinnacle of tuner culture. Nadine was even on the cover of Carboy Magazine. Nadine is a published author and has been fighting for women to be equal in motorsport since she started. Together they have influenced drifting and car culture for well over two decades. Not to mention their Sileighty Mania Podcast which has some of the most influential people in drifting telling the stories of the origins of US drifting.  We’re doing a crossover so check out my episode where they interview me.  Guests: Sponsor: code “goodestboi” for 15% off any of the Koru branded parts. "goodest651" for 20% off Accelera 651s “goodest15” for 15% off the rest Goodest Co: (grab some merch or follow us on other channels)  Host: @palmer_sndrsn, @goodestcast