Mila Goldman Moore, Founder & CEO of CONTEXTvintage — Curating Context & Discovering Meaning in Vintage

The SISTAIN Podcast

07-02-2024 • 1 hora 4 minutos

Mila Goldman Moore is the Founder & CEO of CONTEXTvintage. The curator behind the vintage furniture for sale in the SISTAIN retail store in Denver, Colorado.

She started her career in architecture and fell into vintage curation over a decade ago and hasn't stopped curating since. She has an absolutely gorgeous collection of vintage furniture and is continually curating new items.

Mila talks about why she named the company CONTEXTvintage, how it's all about mixing together what you love and what your passionate about. Putting together these objects in your space in a way that no one else would. The furniture itself is rare, high-end pieces that often hold a story. How you choose to display those pieces, the contrast, the mix, the context is completely unique to you.

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