Restless to Renewed

Janice Neely

Restless to Renewed is a podcast about women over 50 redefining the silver years.  We discuss topics of interest to women who are on a quest for a happier, more fulfilled life.

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Embracing Ageless Vitality Through Yoga with Leslie Matthews
Embracing Ageless Vitality Through Yoga with Leslie Matthews
Embark on a transformational journey with Leslie Matthews, a 77-year-old beacon of wisdom in the yoga community who's defying age with grace and agility. This episode promises to enlighten you on how yoga's adaptability transcends physical limitations, bringing vitality and balance to life's silver years. Leslie, with her dance background and now an yoga instructor, shares her story and her curriculum designed to make yoga accessible to all, regardless of age or mobility. Let's uncover the secrets to a safe and enriching yoga practice that harmonizes body, mind, and spirit. Leslie imparts her vast knowledge on how yoga complements other physical activities and serves as a healing art form for various ailments. Additionally, she offers a simple, yet powerful breathing technique to help alleviate stress.Wrap your mind around the digital evolution of yoga instruction and the incredible rewards it brings to the table. Leslie and I discuss the unique challenges of teaching yoga through a screen and how imperative clear communication is for a personalized and impactful online class experience. Whether you're an athlete or new to the world of yoga, there's a place for you in this supportive community. Tune in and let this episode be the nudge you need to weave yoga into the fabric of your daily life.Thank you for listening. Be sure to visit the Restless to Renewed website for pictures and more information about episode guests at