Episode 11: Fighting for a World that Does Not Yet Exist - The Necessity of Activism.

The Featherston Booktown Podcast

27-02-2024 • 1 hora 31 minutos

As a word, “activism” is only about 100 years old – yet activists and movements for change have become a regular feature of social, civic, and political life in the 21st century. However, activism is about human beings motivating and confronting other human beings to change, thereby being a fundamental human activity. Four prominent Aotearoa New Zealand activists, Denis O’Reilly, Dame Catherine Healy, Liz Mellish and Shaneel Lal share their absorbing personal and political journeys of words and actions with Guyon Espiner.

This episode was recorded live at the Featherston Booktown Karukatea Festival in May 2023.

The audio was recorded by Toby Mills of Noise Productions.

This episode is also available as a video on our YouTube channel.