715 Working In A Video Store Part 1

FromPage2Screen's Movie Podcast

18-02-2024 • 0 segundos

In this podcast episode (715) Stuart continues what he started in episodes 707 & 708 with the tales of the video store. 715 is set between 1992, and 1996 and talks about Stuarts role working in a video store. Check out https://frompage2screen.com/ for more content including reviews, competitions, interviews and movie news that you dont see everywhere else. Check out 'thegeekhouse' in groups on Facebook Video Content at https://www.youtube.com/frompage2screen If you like what we do here at frompage2screen.com, perhaps you can buy us a 'coffee' at https://ko-fi.com/frompage2screen All money goes toward the running of the site as well as expanding its content. Any donations are very much appreciated. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frompage2screen/ Stuarts X: https://twitter.com/FromPage2Screen