Questions: Why Does My Child Need An ICL?

The #alwayschildfocused Podcast

12-10-2022 • 13 minutos

Of all the important responsibilities our Service Manager Jakki has in her role, the most important is with the child. Right after that is having a close working relationship with Independent Children's Lawyers (ICLs) who are often appointed by the court to represent the child throughout family court matters.   In this episode we had the great privilege to have Julie Shedden as our guest - with her decades of experience in family law that includes working as a family lawyer, an ICL and a Family Court Registrar - and we were going to make the most of this unique opportunity.   Jakki was able to ask Julie questions about what the role of an ICL is and how she approaches her role with immense diligence to protect children she is representing. Family Law is filled with unique roles that support the court in making their determinations and we are grateful to Julie for sharing her passion and expertise with us and our families.