155: Hadyn Hilton, Java Cats Cafe: Want To Start Your Own Cat Café?

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05-02-2018 • 36 minutos

Hadyn Hilton is our incredible guest today. She is the 26-year old owner and founder of Java Cats Café, Georgia's first cat café located in the heart of Atlanta.

Though Hilton's degree and career path was slated for the film industry, Hadyn decided to drop everything to open a business revolving around one of her favorite things: cats! Facing many hurdles in order to open her business, she enjoys encouraging other entrepreneurs to start their journey and gives advice about being a young female business owner in a male-dominated society.

Java Cats Café has been a huge success for cat adoptions and has an established following all across the US and several countries around the world.

Java Cats Café



Hadyn started a woman-only entrepreneur and business owner Facebook Group called Java Cats Creatives Group. There are a number of members from outside of the Atlanta area!

Fundamentally Feline helped design the Java Cats Café’s Cat Lounge. Ingrid Johnson is the woman behind Fundamentally Feline.

PAWS Atlanta provides the cats for Java Cats Café. Java Cats adopted nearly 200 cats in their first nine months, making a huge impact on PAWS Atlanta’s cat adoptions.

Nancy and Harold have been busy with lots of cats and dogs, including Sugar the Dog. Stay up to date on Instagram.

TNR stands for Trap, Neuter, Return (or Release). It is the method to help feral or community cat populations.

Here are some important announcements from our fellow animal podcasters!

  1. Stacy LeBaron, host of the Community Cats Podcast, just completed her 2018 Online Cat Conference. You can still register to receive recordings of the live sessions!
    1. https://www.communitycatspodcast.com/online-cat-conference-2018/
    2. If you have any questions, contact Stacy at stacy@communitycatspodcast.com
  2. Soledad Robledo has been a listener of the Pawprint Animal Rescue Podcast, and made the huge decision to launch her own animal podcast in Chile!! She hopes to launch in March 2018, and her show will be called “Corazon Animal.”
    1. https://thecompassionfatiguepodcast.com/rescue-me-retreat/
  3. Jennifer Blough, host of the Compassion Fatigue Podcast, is hosting a retreat on the beautiful Lake Michigan coast. Called the “Rescue Me Retreat,” it is scheduled for the end of June 2018

Thank you Hadyn!! Thanks to Kate Aconfora-Thomas for making the connection.

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