152: Most Popular Episode of 2017: Malena DeMartini, Separation Anxiety + Ask Irith Bloom

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10-12-2017 • 1 hora 4 minutos

Malena DeMartini and Irith Bloom are our two amazing guests today. Separation Anxiety for dogs is one of the most difficult disorders to manage, so we hope this episode educates and inspires.

*Always consult with a separation anxiety disorder expert.*

Irith Bloom - Episode Guide

  • 1:28 Irith Bloom, different cases of Separation Anxiety Disorder
  • 5:14 potential causes of Separation Anxiety Disorder
  • 8:55 possible treatment plans and the need for consistency
  • 15:17 Irith Bloom mentions Malena DeMartini as an important resource

Malena DeMartini - Episode Guide

  • 18:56 Malena DeMartini starts her journey with dog training and separation anxiety
  • 25:17 Malena discusses the importance of video-conference technology
  • 26:45 The development of her Separation Anxiety Disorder training program
  • 29:54 How does Malena define Separation Anxiety?
  • 34:43 What are the first questions Malena asks?
  • 38:51 Is there an average treatment plan?
  • 41:42 How does moving to a new place impact my dog?
  • 44:52 How many dogs have Separation Anxiety?
  • 48:06 Malena and her dog, Tini!
  • 54:00 Malena’s website, book, and resources
  • 58:20 If Malena had a magic wand, what would she do?

Malena’s Website https://malenademartini.com

Malena’s Book, Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs http://a.co/1JLgNZK

Malena De Martini-Price is renowned in the dog training world for her expertise in canine separation anxiety disorder. She is the author of Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs and has contributed articles on separation anxiety to the Association of Professional Dog Trainers’ (APDT) journal, Chronicle of the Dog. She lectures on SA at professional dog training workshops and conferences throughout the country, including the APDT annual conference. Malena is an honors graduate of the esteemed San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, where she studied under Jean Donaldson, and is a member of the APDT and the Pet Professionals Guild.

Irith’s Website http://www.thesophisticateddog.com

Irith Bloom is the Director of Training at The Sophisticated Dog, a pet training company based in West Los Angeles. Her “Ask Irith” episodes are some of our most popular. Irith has been training animals since the 1980s, and has the following credentials:

Other Resources

  1. Don't Leave Me! Step-by-Step Help for Your Dog's Separation Anxiety by Nicole Wilde
    1. http://a.co/3O6xUU0
    1. https://www.academyfordogtrainers.com
  2. Jean Donaldson is a well-known and influential dog training instructor and mentor
    1. http://dogtec.org
  3. Dogtec is a full-service business and marketing support organization for the dog pro industry. Run by Veronica Boutelle and Gina Phairas
    1. http://www.dogwise.com
  4. DogWise is a dog-oriented online retailer

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