159_Mindset Over Macros with Mike Millner

The Smart Nutrition Made Simple Show with Ben Brown

06-09-2022 • 50 minutos

What if I told you that there were no rules when it comes to weight loss?

How would it make you feel if you knew you could eat literally anything you want and still make progress?

And what if I said the problem isn’t the food, it’s the way that we’re thinking about the food?

You’d probably say I was full of it…

If you don’t know who I am, my name is Ben Brown and I’m the owner of BSL Nutrition, an online nutrition coaching company that helps you change your belief system around what it means to be healthy…

And in this conversation with my friend Mike Millner, owner of POP, peak optimization performance, we discuss exactly why our Mindset plays such a pivotal role in our long-term weight loss success.

Mike shares with us his background and personal experience with yo-yo dieting and the all-or-nothing mindset and how his experiences and frustrations with the nutrition industry propelled him into a successful career helping other men and women, like him, change their relationship with dieting, with food, with their body, and with their unrealistic expectations around what healthy weight loss and body composition change actually looks like.

I hope you find this conversion as enlightening and motivating as I did.

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