Episode 220: 2ND TASTE OF EP. #220: "Getting More Based with Each Episode"

AMATEUR NATION with Lou Santini

06-04-2023 • 59 segundos


  • “Amateur Nation is SO Stupid!” “How stupid is it?” Hear for yourselves!
  • Another Hollywood pimple showcases his amateur brain re: the Nashville school shooting
  • Enjoying your police state, Amateur Nation? I know. Your feelings about Trump!
  • Even car MANUFACTURERS know EVs suck!

*On “A la Carte”:* “10 Things Not to Say When Someone Says, “I love you” for the first time”, the 3D printed meat hoax, and what sound does a black hole make? Ask my ex.
*On “3 Pro Things”: common sense to make amateur heads explode, the “African-American” label broken down, and the 459 crimes on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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