#005 The Power of Vulnerability in Men with BEN BIDWELL

Joy, Love & Healing

27-06-2022 • 30 minutos

Ben Bidwell is a mindset & purpose coach, writer & public speaker who is living his own purpose by inspiring others to achieve their deepest potential.

Having been on his own journey from a masked man drawn to "toxic" behaviours, to an awakened & open soul, his story is deeply authentic & relatable. He is now seen as pioneering a revolution to encourage society (& men in particular) to open up & connect more with their emotions in a powerful & liberating way.

Here are some of the questions we discussed in this interview:

  • Why is it more important than ever that men in particular, tap into their vulnerability?
  • How do you help people, and men in particular, to tap into their heart center?
  • When we become more vulnerable, what happens in our body, mind, and spirit?
  • What changes are you noticing in the world regarding balancing masculine and feminine energy?
  • How can men benefit from embracing their own empowered feminine energy?

⭐ For more information on Ben's work, please go to his website: https://benbidwell.com

👉🏼 Connect with Ben on IG: @benbidwell_thenakedprofessor

⭐ Jay's website: https://www.breatheonit.net

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