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06-07-2021 • 58 minutos

I loved this chat with my friend and fellow podcast host, Jennifer Wallace!

Jennifer is the host of the podcast Illuminated with Jennifer Wallace, as well as a guide and connector in the healing arts.

As a childhood sexual trauma survivor, sex trafficking survivor and breast cancer thriver she has dedicated her time to understanding the connection between the brain and the body and to understanding how to heal deep emotional wounds that have been producing harmful survival outputs such as disordered eating, anxiety, and ultimately chronic illness and dis-ease in the body.

By taking a deep dive into her own healing journey Jennifer has shifted her life into one of purpose. When she began to peel back the layers, dance with the shadows, and regulate her nervous system she began having true awakenings and creating lasting change cultivating an entirely new way of being. The culmination of Jenifer’s training comes together into a unique healing approach.

On Jennifer's podcast, Illuminated, the foundation is rooted in healing in community through shared stories. Each week an expert lady joins her to share their own brave stories, unique ideas, and groundbreaking wellness to expand and transform lives.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Showing up authentically & transparently vs the need to be “consistent” in your online presence.
  • A new perspective on boundaries around social media.
  • Rewiring your brain and re-writing new beliefs.
  • The healing power of processing heavy emotions like rage, anger & jealousy.
  • Brain based wellness and some real world examples of what it means to train your brain.

And lots more!

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