Earth angels, psychedelics, and how solo travel can transform your life with Juli Rentsch

And The Net Appeared

11-07-2023 • 51 minutos

Have you ever had the experience where the right perons comes into your life at the exact right moment?

Or someone shares their perspective, or a resource on something you're struggling with and it's just what you need to move through it?

Juli and I explore the concept of these people being like Earth Angels, and what we can do to really open ourselves up to the medicine they have for us.

We talk about how, when used intentionally, psychedelics can be a tool to open ourselves up to new perspectives, and Juli shares her passion for helping to guide people through this process.

We also share our first hand experiences with solo travel, and how it's been a huge catalyst for each of us to help shift limiting beliefs and outdated perceptions of ourselves and the world.

We cover so much in this episode, including:

-Leaps of faith as a way of life
-How Juli and I met in Costa Rica
-Earth angels
-Divine algorithm
-Law of assumption, Neville Goddard, and “lucky girl syndrome”
-How your thoughts create your reality
-Questioning your beliefs (The Work by Byron Katie)
-The power of travelling to rewire/reframe/get rid of old beliefs
-Psychedelics as a tool to open to new perspectives

And lots more!

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