How to live a life that feels good with Regan Figg

And The Net Appeared

18-05-2021 • 52 minutos

It's such a pleasure to share this episode with you, featuring Regan Figg, Pleasurepreneur and Feminine Embodiment Coach.

Regan works to deepen women's connection to their bodies, know and live from their feminine essence and guide them to succeed with pleasure in business, the workplace and at home.

Her clients include women in business and other various industries, mothers and other feminine beings wanting to achieve their definition of success with sovereignty, desire, life force energy and Feel-Good-Flow.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Using pleasure as a tool for personal growth.
  • How getting clear on your desires can lead you to find your people.
  • How to let go of control and find deeper trust in your desires (and your body’s wisdom).
  • Bringing pleasure into business - and looking at the internal markers of success as well as the external ones.
  • 'Quantum walks' as a way to build a deeper relationship with your inner guidance.

And so much more.

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