Diving into the depths of your emotions with Sanja Rose

And The Net Appeared

09-06-2022 • 1 hora 12 minutos

Sanja Rose is a sacred brand alchemist, cosmic guide, poet, and author. She is also the creator of True Star Design - her unique integration of 13-sign astrology, modern astronomy, and Human Design.

Our intention recording this episode is that it's a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with depression. Please share with anyone you feel it may help!

Highlights from this episode:

  • The power that can come from feeling the depths of your pain and heavy emotions (and the courage it takes to go there) @4:17
  • How the “net” that appears is constantly being woven - by ourselves and those around us @11:09
  • Questioning our connection to technology an the sense of self worth and identity we gain from being on social media @21:05
  • Why “good vibes only” mentality is getting in the way of our true healing and liberation @46:00
  • An intro to True Star Design and True Astrology - and why Western may not be as accurate as we’ve been led to believe. @52:27
  • Healing from depression and holding faith that things will get better - even when you may not be able to see how. @58:22

Links and Resources:

Click here to watch the video Sanja referenced in this episode that helped her lift her depression

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Recorded on May 12

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