Styling your home to raise your vibe with Dana Silverstein

And The Net Appeared

25-05-2021 • 38 minutos

In this episode I'm joined by Dana Silverstein, interior stylist and one of my co-authors from the book Spark Your Shift.

Dana has a passion for helping people create a space that supports them in raising their vibration and expressing their authentic selves.

We talk about:

  • The impact a well-thought-out space can have on your energy.
  • How styling your home is closely linked with how you style yourself.
  • The most important questions to ask yourself when styling your home (either from the ground up or when it’s time for a refresh).
  • Five key concepts to help you establish your interior style.
  • How to create a space that feels like your sanctuary, and represents your authentic self.

And lots more!

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