Understanding yourself through the lens of human design with Danica Wood

And The Net Appeared

17-05-2022 • 1 hora 4 minutos

Danica Wood is an Intuitive, a Human Design reader, a mother, wife & part time teacher.

In this episode we dive deep into Human Design - specifically around Generator/Mani Gen and Projector types, Emotional Authority, and Profile lines 5/2 (me) & 2/4 (Danica).

There is so much gold in here for anyone interested in Human Design, and especially if you have any of these in your HD chart.

We talk about:

  • The affect our Human Design can have on how we make decisions, how we rest, and what our gifts and purpose are
  • How knowing your child’s human design can help you as a parent
  • What it means to ride the emotional wave as an Emotional Authority in Human Design
  • Some tips on how to respond in situations when you may need a bit of time to feel things out before making a decision (especially as an Emotional Authority)
  • The link between your Human Design and your digestion (both with food, and with taking in information)
  • What your Profile can tell you about how you navigate the world.

And lots more!

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