How to awaken your authentic voice with Rose Zita Falko

And The Net Appeared

13-07-2022 • 59 minutos

Rose Zita Falko is a singer, songwriter, poet and holistic vocal coach who has spent the past 15 years devoted to the voice.

After extensive training with vocal coach and mentor Sharon Thompson, Rose Zita has since developed her own method revolving around the consistent practices and exercises she had implemented within her daily vocal warmup to ensure her voice stayed healthy, strong and show-fit.

Breathwork, movement and grounding played a big role as well as expansion, vocal control and sonic texture. With these key ingredients in mind Rose Zita Falko has developed a holistic and nourishing method to awaken and continue to grow the authentic voice and artist within.

Highlights from this episode:

  • Your voice is so much more than just your throat - it involves your whole body [4:18]
  • How random improv sounds and movement can open up a whole new world of creativity within us [19.53]
  • How the three core foundation Rose teaches in her vocal workshops and coaching came to be. [36:30]
  • Vocal toning (aka droning) as a method of sound healing [42:47]
  • Why it's so important that we build the confidence to bring our voice and our message to the world [46.17]
  • The power of releasing stuck energy & resistance through sound [51:52]

And lots more!

Links and Resources:

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Learn more about the Awaken Your Authentic Voice workshop & vocal coaching.

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