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11-05-2021 • 46 minutos

I'm so excited to introduce you to Kristi Huss, one of my co-authors from the book Spark Your Shift.

Kristi hails from small-town Iowa, where she currently lives with her college sweetheart and husband, Korey.  At 27, she became the mother of six girls with the arrival of quadruplets and her focus for 20 years became raising caring, independent young women who confidently showcase their individual personalities. As they began leaving the nest, with more time for herself, she realized she wasn’t following her own advice!

With her blog My Life’s A Trip and two new books on the way, Kristi openly shares her experiences and life lessons as a relatable, funny, kind voice amid the everyday chatter. She’s here to help other women find the peace and joy of belonging to themselves. And have some laughs along the way!

We talk about:

  • Throwing out the plan in favor of what life has in store for you (which is often better than you could ever imagine).
  • Taking baby steps to build your confidence and self trust - especially leading up to a big project.
  • The power of choosing to make the most out of a difficult situation.
  • Empty Besting aka how to live your best life once your children leave home.
  • Finding the fun in figuring out who you are again after a big life change.

And so much more!

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