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And The Net Appeared

20-06-2023 • 1 hora 8 minutos

As you know, in these parts we believe that if you leap the net will appear.

But what does that actually mean? What constitutes a leap?

What makes it more likely that the net will appear (and in the most aligned, ideal way)?

What can we do to feel safer to take big leaps of faith? And why is it sometimes so f*cking hard?

Casey and I dive into all of this, and so much more, including…

  • The multidimensional aspect of our leaps of faith (aka how the threads that come together to weave our net have sometimes been weaving for a while in advance).

  • The story of how Casey and I randomly met 5 years ago, not knowing we would become such integral parts of each others lives.

  • How making the decision to take a leap/make a life change is often the catalyst for synchronicities and “the net appearing”. In other words - it’s when you decide to move that the universe moves with you.

  • The concept of tests from the universe and how they help us get clear on what we do (and don’t) want.

  • Why surrounding yourself with other people who trust their own intuition is so important, and the role community plays in your sense of safety to take big leaps and make big life changes.

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