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5 TIPS TO STAY HEALTHY FOREVER? - A Solo Podcast on The JRS Show
5 TIPS TO STAY HEALTHY FOREVER? - A Solo Podcast on The JRS Show
Hi ! It's Jyotshna. Welcome to my 1st ever proadcast , I hope it will help you alot . So now let's discuss how to stay healthy healthy forever . But before discussing about that , I want to say ; why your health is important to you ? It's because everything you are doing in your life for your success , It's by your body . If it will damage then you can't work, you can't give your 100% effort and you can't achieve what you want . So it's necessary to take care of your health. Now the question is how to take care , what' are the 5 tips to stay healthy forever? Now I'm going to share one by one :- (1) Take enough amount sleep - yes , you read correct, I'm talking about good sleep . Sleep Atleast for 6-8 hours at night . Otherwise if you'll compromise your sleeping hours by giving any excuses, it'll increase the stress level as well as tiredness and sickness in your body . So sleep well. (2) Start your day correctly - what's the meaning of that ? It means wakeup early in every morning and do some workout and don't forget to eat your breakfast . I want to add another one thing here that is you need to take multivitamin morning , because our daily diet don't fulfills our nutritional demand in our body . That's why the deficiency of vitamins and minerals occurs and it may cause various diseases in future . So you need to take multivitamins . You can also go for beetroot juice , you can make it in your home and drink it . (3) Focus on healthy eating habits - Make your plate more attractive and colourful, what's that mean? It means full your plate with a lot of vegetables and make sure you are following a healthy diet . It's also important to plan your meal. Now say goodbye to bad eating habits. (4) Do everyday exercise - Without giving excuses do everyday exercise atleast for 45 minutes. Mind it , if you'll give excuses, your health will give it back to you . Do you know that movement in your body helps you to stay active whole day and to stay healthy and fit forever . You can do any type of exercises, it may be cardio , resistance, zoomba or yoga . So , just take a step towards a healthy life . (5) Stay hydrated - Last but not the least , the most important thing is you need to stay hydrated the whole day . When it comes to good health , hydration plays a vital role in this . So drink proper amount of water every single day. So , finally I shared the 5 important tips with you , now it's your turn to work upon that . Follow everything properly and let me know what's change you see in your life ? Thank you so much for staying connected so long . I hope these tips will help you to stay healthy . So bye bye for now , see you , stay healthy stay happy.