The Barefoot Woman

Claudia Callisto - The Good Italian Girl and friends

18-05-2024 • 54 minutos

Today on the Good Italian Girl and Friends podcast we meet another Australian – Italian first generation daughter from Adelaide named  Maria who also runs a side hustle called  The Barefoot Woman… yes folks she loves going barefoot at home to help her feel grounded.

Her business services  however is something totally different in that she provides Malocchio removal, Tarot card readings, Business and House energy cleanses and Astrology.

I was fascinated with the fact that this younger modern ethnic girl has inherited the art of Malocchio removal from her Italian-born Nonna and Mother and I not only had to try her services for myself but also interview her on my podcast.

The belief in the evil eye, or "malocchio," is a fascinating aspect of Italian folklore and tradition. While its origins can be traced back to ancient times, the belief in the evil eye remains prevalent in modern Italian culture.

In Italian folklore, it is believed that certain individuals have the power to harm others by merely looking at them with envy or jealousy. This harmful gaze is believed to cause misfortune, illness, or other forms of bad luck. To protect against the evil eye, various talismans, amulets, and rituals have been used throughout history.

The mixing of oil and water is also a traditional method used in Italian folklore to check for the presence of the evil eye or a curse. The logic behind this tradition is based on the belief that the evil eye or negative energy can disrupt the natural harmony and balance of a person's life, causing illness, misfortune, or bad luck.

For more information about the service provided by Maria contact her via instagram@thebarefootwoman

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