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Claudia Callisto - The Good Italian Girl and friends

26-12-2022 • 1 minuto

The Good Italian Girl and Friends Podcast:

A Personal Story of Awakening and Redefining the Cultural Rules as an Australian-Italian Woman

Claudia Callisto the best-selling author of the good Italian girl brings you her podcast series The Good Italian Girl and Friends.

“I was determined not to simply be a good Italian girl.

I was secretly dreaming big. Far bigger than what good Australian-Italian girls were expected to be.

I wanted to have it all - travel the world, have a successful career and tick off everything on my bucket list.

Plus, I'd get married, raise a big Italian family, and achieve all that other stuff I was pre-programmed to do.

And no one was going to stop me!"

The Good Italian Girl and Friends Podcast with your host  Claudia Callisto.

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