The Comaras:- Secret Guests and Claudia.

Claudia Callisto - The Good Italian Girl and friends

17-01-2023 • 1 hora 14 minutos

Another funny podcast with Claudia and her fellow Italian Adelaide girlfriends and school mums laughing and talking about the ethnic girlfriend connections and how their family lives have flourished spending time together as fellow Italian families and supporting each other.

The conversation is a typical ethnic female conversation and gathering where everyone is talking at once, finishing sentences and adding their opinion in and all the while laughing out loud.

The guest also talked about how their children are their greatest achievement and how they have implemented the Italian cultural values into their family lives without the “strictness “that impacted their lives as immigrant daughters. They also discuss the importance of maintaining our Italian culture and the values that our parents have imparted to us for themselves and their families.

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