Mötley Crüe | Audacy Check In | 4.29.24

Audacy Check-In

29-04-2024 • 5 minutos

Joining host Remy Maxwell today for a special Audacy Check in today are Tommy Lee and John 5 of Mötley Crüe to discuss "The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band" returning with the brand new single “Dogs Of War,” their upcoming tour dates, and much more.

Mötley Crüe just rocked fans with their first new release since 2019, “Dogs of War,” ushering in a brand new era after recently signing to Big Machine Records and a return to form after 35 years with Dr. Feelgood producer Bob Rock at the helm.

"Yeah, dude… Always f***ing pushing the envelope on how drums should be heard and felt. I love him so much,” Tommy says emphatically about working again with Bob. “He's always on the forefront of like hot, you know, ‘How do we get this to sound like it's thunderous, man?' And he does it with guitars. He does it with vocals. He does it with everything. He's a sonic beast.”

“I use these aluminum sticks live because they're not impossible, but really hard to break,” Tommy explains. "But you can't use them in the studio. They don't record as well. So, I use wood and I'm just going through sticks. Just like wood choppers, just chips flying!”

Guitarist John 5 is no stranger to working in the studio and on stage with absolute heavyweights in the scene, including David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson, Judas Priest, and Rob Zombie -- on top of his prolific solo work over the past 30 years -- but never had a chance to work with Bob Rock until this point. “I was so excited to work with Bob. You know, of course, watching documentaries and all that stuff because I love studio documentaries... reading interviews,” he says. “So, It was a real pleasure to work with him for sure and I was beyond excited. I was, of course, the first to get there and last to leave.”

With the exit of longtime guitarist Mick Mars, John 5 stepped in to fill the spot, which, according to Lee, “F***ing injected the Mötley with everything f***ing insanely wonderful… He can f***ing play anything. Like, play me a little bluegrass with some Chopin… Like, how does he know all this? How is this even possible? But you know what, at the end of the day, I'm gonna say this because you can be the best f***ing guitar player on the planet and be an a**hole. He is the sweetest man.”

“I just treat people how I want to be treated and that's how I've always been since like middle school,” John says. “You know, these guys, it's the same. It's the same thing, we just treat each other how we want to be treated.”

“Yeah, when is everyone gonna get that?” Tommy wonders. “F***!”

Check out the brand new music video for "Dogs Of War" now streaming, and don't miss our full Audacy Check In with Mötley Crüe above. Plus, stay tuned for even more conversations with your favorite artists on Audacy.com/live.

Words by Joe Cingrana Interview by Remy Maxwell