Kate Hudson | Audacy Check In | 5.17.24

Audacy Check-In

17-05-2024 • 10 minutos

After dabbling in the music biz for many years, Kate Hudson is finally releasing her very own album, Glorious, officially out now, and she checked in with Audacy’s Mike Adam at the Hard Rock Hotel New York to chat all about it, and a whole lot more.

Opening up the conversation with the album opener “Gonna Find Out,” that Mike noted gave him “old school Sheryl Crow vibes," which Kate was totally flattered by, noting “I love her so much.”

“I was going to write with Linda Perry and Danny (Fujikawa) my fiancé, it was like just starting from a blank slate. I really wanted to approach it completely without any concept in mind.” She continued, “I remember… it came from me wanting to do something kind of swampy. It didn't end up being so swampy, but… I wanted like a swampy kind of blues and then of course, then you start writing and things kind of come out of that.”

Because of this, “every day would be different,” which inevitably helped steer the album to its eclectic sound. Which is “important to me,” Kate expressed "because I don’t know if I really want to fit into a genre.”

“I just love music so much, and since I'm writing it, and it's the first time I'm making an album, I wanted it to feel totally honest from where I'm at right now. And that's what came out.”

In fact, Kate made sure this album was such a thorough representation of self, the 12-track project has zero features. With that being said, while it wasn’t right for this particular album, Kate did hint she has a few names in mind for possible future collaborations.

“I would love to [do features,] but I think for this, it was simple. I didn't want it to feel like that I was doing that because I wanted the exposure… I already have some people that I'm like, ‘Will you do a song with me?,’” though she refused to name-drop. Why? “Because there’s one girl in particular who wants to do something, and it makes me really excited. I can't tell you because then I'll jinx it and it won't happen or something,” Kate said.

Back to discussing the no feature decision she made for her debut album, Kate said, “I just wanted it to feel like old school and pure and intimate. I didn't want a lot of writers, even though, I love writing with people. I wanted it to just feel like it was a small little group of us putting this album out. So, it was just me, Linda, Danny, and Johan Carlsson producing.”

While writing the album, Kate admitted she had no idea “Glorious” would end up being the title track, though, “it always sat with me as one of my top options.”

"That song in particular, Linda and I wrote… on piano… in like 10 minutes," Hudson revealed. "It was such a big chorus and we kinda looked at each other when we were done, kinda like ’That was intense. Where did that come from?’”

“When I was just riffing with the melody, that word ‘glorious’ just kept coming to me, so I wrote the song around that word.” said Kate. “Then as the album started to find its way and figure out what songs were gonna end up on the album it really came down to that word. It just embodies everything and the experience has been for me and how I feel about music. It's like, if someone was to say like, what's the most earnest word to describe music? It would be glorious.”

Kate went on to open up abouthow the fear of sharing her own work has held this project back so long, and how yet, she still has no set expectations for the album. Hudson also talked about a possible tour, more albums and acting roles she wants to try, like “a real action movie or comedy action movie” as well as “a traditional musical.”

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Words by Maia Kedem Interview by Mike Adam