Ep 13: Building Excellence: Setting Expectations with MaryAnn Casas

Ladies Who Build

25-10-2023 • 48 minutos

Have you ever wondered what truly sets a great construction project apart? In Season 2, we're diving into the world of Simply Home, where we're introducing key team members who bring value and expertise to the table. In this episode, we sit down with MaryAnn Casas, Project Manager of Construction for Simply Home, to explore her unique background and her wide-ranging experiences, particularly in managing expectations – from homeowner expectations to client stories, and the essential aspects of preparing your home for transformation.

This episode will cover:

  • How MaryAnn got involved in construction.
  • What inspired MaryAnn about the building industry.
  • How preparation plays into the success of construction.
  • Why expectations are important to be set from the beginning.
  • The importance of expecting the unexpected.
  • Why it is essential to remember that there is a solution to everything.

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