Ep 8: It’s A Party! Who’s Invited to the Remodel

Ladies Who Build

16-08-2023 • 26 minutos

A remodel is very similar to a party in that you need ALL parties involved in order to have a good party. In this episode, we will be discussing the different people you need involved in a good remodel project and what they should be bringing to that party. If you aren’t sure what you need or why you may need a designer or inspector to join in on the fun, this episode is for you!

This episode will cover:

  • Who should be joining the remodel party.
  • Why you need a designer (even if you pretty much know what you want).
  • The importance of having parties that know what they’re doing and how to ensure that they do.
  • The role of an architect and what they bring to the project.
  • A determining factor for your vision and the most basic need you have for a structural remodel.
  • The importance of understanding the material and labor budget (and who should be helping you with that!).

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