Ep 15: Design in Construction: Why Collaborating with a Designer is Essential with Kara Templeton

Ladies Who Build

22-11-2023 • 43 minutos

Design is an integral part of the construction process, and in this episode, we sit down with our team member Kara Templeton, who brings a wealth of design experience to the table. We discuss the significance of design in construction and explore why having a designer is crucial for your project's success. Kara takes us through the role designers play in the construction process, shedding light on why working with a designer can be a straightforward and highly advantageous experience.

This episode will cover:

  • Kara’s background and how she got started with Simply Home.
  • Why someone may want to work with a designer.
  • The importance of remembering that not all designers are created equal.
  • Why collaboration is so important.
  • What a designer provides versus a contractor.
  • Does every remodel require a designer.

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