Soulbare Sessions: Where Momma At?

Glistening Productions

Soulbare Sessions features in depth interviews with people who have gone through severe trauma and come out the other end, surviving and thriving. In the first season, Where Momma At?, host Angela Smith interviews Terrance Holloway, who talks about his life growing up on the run from a drugs gang, suffering multiple episodes of sexual abuse at the hands of women, being thrown out into the streets at the age of 13 and getting his life on track working as a barber and becoming a hip hop artist, working with the likes of Tupac, Ice Cube and Xhibit. In adulthood he discovered his mother was living homeless on the streets of Los Angeles so he made himself homeless for 30 days in a bid to find her. As he roamed the dangerous streets and homeless encampments of Los Angeles, he ended up finding way more than he was looking for.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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