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Returning Autumn 2024. Politics with Love, Solidarity & Prosperity. ForgingLinks 🇪🇺 is the voice of Progressive Activists with an Anglo-Dutch flavour. We aim to empower political activists by developing their skill sets, sharing their stories and generating social, environmental & economic impact. read less


Ep.04: "Politics as an Addiction" with Valentijn Brinkman-Koopal
Ep.04: "Politics as an Addiction" with Valentijn Brinkman-Koopal
Valentijn Brinkman-Koopal shares their personal journey from addiction to drugs to local mental health champion and running for the Dutch Labour Party (#pvda) in the Parliamentary elections as No. 49 on the national list. They embody the resilience and dedication necessary to bring about meaningful change in society. Especially highlighting the importance of Mental Health & Healthcare Policy. We can learn from their struggle in confronting personal challenges and being a vocal advocate for social justice and equity in the Netherlands. A council member in #Baarn, born and raised in Amsterdam, their experience has been a cornerstone in shaping their approach to politics, particularly in representing the voice of the working class and restoring the principles of justice. As an active member of the PvdA and participant in the PvdAcademy, Valentijn’s ambition is to amplify the voice of the working class and re-establish foundational principles of fairness in society​​​​. Valentijn's mission is to forge a community where unity prevails, and every voice is equally heard. Understanding the daily trials many face, Valentijn is dedicated to shaping a more equitable future for all Dutch & European citizens, especially those sidelined in society due to unforeseen circumstances and health difficulties. Thank you to the @DunnStreet and the Socially Democratic Podcast. Video: Youtube @forginglinkseu: Instagram & Twitter