Felice Gersh - Avoiding stress and overwhelm to live longer

Live Long and Master Aging

11-12-2018 • 26 minutos

’Tis the season to be stressed, overwhelmed and chronically fatigued. There’s a festive thought. But that feeling of being swamped by to-do lists, meetings, appointments, shopping lists and good old daily chores, is not exclusive to the holiday season. We live connected lives - sharing, posting and liking - often at the expense of more wholesome activities such as spending quality time with loved ones or taking a quiet walk to nurture the soul.  Stress is snapping at the heels of our daily lives and possibly our longevity. So what can we do about it? Dr. Felice Gersh is founder of the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine in Southern California and in this return visit to the LLAMA podcast we take on the worries that overwhelm us. Dr Gersh explains the 'stress response' and the action we can take to better manage our lives in a frenetic world.

  • What is stress and what does it do to the body?
  • When is stress beneficial?
  • Is fasting is a form of stress that can be helpful to the body?
  • How “just being alive” can be stressful - in a positive way.
  • How the stress response is part of the survival mechanism.
  • How the body responds to lack of sleep, worries or overwork.
  • Leaky gut - what’s that?
  • How exercise of diet-induced stress can be positive.
  • How does a state of chronic stress affect human longevity?
  • How a hormonal imbalance could cause stress.
  • Show we avoid watching the news to reduce stress?
  • Environmental toxins and strength.
  • Using guided imagery to help reduce stress
  • Breathing exercises to reduce stress.


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