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Welcome to the AI Expressed Podcast, hosted by Ed (RunDiffusion) and Alex (Minimax AI). In this podcast, we delve into a diverse array of AI topics, including Stable Diffusion, creative AI applications, ChatGPT insights, philosophical discussions, and industry news. Our goal is to provide a both quick hitting news and deep dive analysis of the multifaceted world of Artificial Intelligence. Join us as we dissect the complexities and trends within the AI landscape.

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AI Expressed #003 - Deepfake Doomerism
AI Expressed #003 - Deepfake Doomerism
Exploring Deepfakes: A Balanced Examination of their Potentials and Risks00:14 Intro  02:18 Stable Diffusion Models Speed Bump Thanks to BeyondU  03:42 Phind LLM model challenges GPT-4  04:54 Stability AI Announces Stable 3d Model Creator  06:18 Midjourney, Stability Al and DeviantArt Win a Victory in Copyright Case by Artists  07:16 Deepfake Doomerism Discussion: Start  07:53 ElevenLabs Example  09:00 The Power of Silent Content: Skibidi Toilet  11:11 NYC Mayor Eric Adams Deepfake Robocalls  12:15 The reaction of Hollywood to more powerful deepfakes: Hollywood Strikes  15:09 The Dark Side of Voice Cloning - and the Solutions  21:24 The Silver Linings of Increased Amount of Virtual Contact Over IRL  22:54 How AI and Deepfake Technologies Are Empowering People With Disabilities   27:14 Archiving the Dead With AI?  28:31 A Data Scientist Recreates His "Bros" Chat With LLMs  33:36 Will AI Pollute the Legacy of Our Identities? Archiving the Dead Pt 2  38:36 Hollywood Deepfakes - Scarlett Johansson Identity Theft  39:47 AI Tech in the Music Industry - The Beatles - Now & Then  40:14 The Issue of Consent and How the Adult Industry Is Reacting - Riley Reid  42:25 Outro  🧑‍🚀 Where to find Ed:🧙‍♂️ Where to find Alex:LinkedIn:🗞️ Resources and Articles: Perplexity AI - 5x Faster than GPT-4 at programming - Toilet - barriers are going to disappear thanks to AIHollywood Strike -,w_1280,c_fill/f_webp - - Now and Then - - - Reid - Clona- Meta Interview - 3d - Stability AI - data scientist cloned his best friends' group chat using AI - Mayor Eric Adams uses AI to make robocalls in languages he doesn't speak -, Stability AI and DeviantArt win a victory in copyright case by artists -- but the fight continues - ---#deepfakes #emadmostaque #stablediffusion #stabilityai #clonaai #ericadams #gpt4 #skibiditoilet #hollywoodstrike #beatles #meta #stable3d #midjourney